Office365 Calendar Sync V2 Update - 2022

Microsoft Office365 is deprecating its Outlook REST API (version 2.0) which is currently being used to support Calendar Sync for 12twenty for University Partners using Office365 as their calendar software. Due to the retirement of the current API, your site has been updated to support the latest Microsoft Office365 Calendar Connection using Microsoft Graph


This update requires all calendars (Students, Alumni, and Career Center Users) to be re-authenticated for Calendar Sync.


You are encouraged to disconnect and reauthorize your Calendar Sync connection prior to the cut-off date provided in the 12twenty Announcement email you received. This will prevent any delay in Calendar Sync actions between 12twenty and your calendar. 


How to Re-Authenticate or Authorize Calendar Sync

To re-authenticate your Calendar Sync Connection before, please follow the instructions outlined in our “Reauthorizing Calendar Sync” Academy Article. 

If your connection to Office365 Calendar Sync was forcibly disconnected on the date outlined in the 12twenty Announcement you received, please authenticate your Office365 Calendar Sync via “Account Settings.”



How to Communicate This Change to Students/Alumni

We’ve created an email template for you to copy, paste, and edit to best suit your needs. We also recommend using 12twenty’s new Magic Link feature to quickly log students into their profiles.

Hi {{FirstName}}, 

We are updating your Calendar Sync connection between 12twenty and your [UNIVERSITY] calendar. As soon as you are able to, please disconnect and reauthorize your Calendar Sync connection via "Account Settings." If you need help resetting your Calendar Sync connection, please refer to this resource.
If you do not reset your Calendar Sync connection by [DATE PROVIDED], your calendar connection will be disabled by the platform and will not be reconnected until you manually reauthorize the Calendar Sync connection via "Account Settings." 




How do I de-authorize and re-authorize my Calendar Sync?
Please see our resource about Reauthorizing Calendar Sync


How soon can Students, Alumni, and Career Center Users update their Calendar Sync connection?
This can be done immediately! Your site has already been updated to support the new Calendar Sync connection. We recommend informing all users of this change and updating their Calendar Sync connection as soon as possible.


How will this affect our site?
All calendars must be disconnected from the legacy Office365 REST API connection and reauthorized for the Microsoft Graph connection. This is completed by removing you calendar connection and reauthorizing. 


Is this new functionality?
No, while this functionality is not new it is updated functionality that requires a user to log-out and login again. 


Will I lose my previously synced events?
No, events will retain their original identifiers and remain on a user’s calendar. 


How will this impact events, appointments, and interviews that are already scheduled? 
Values previously synced to a calendar will not be affected by this change. 


How long do I have until the transition?
Please reference the date mentioned in 12twenty Announcement email you received.  


Do we need to involve our IT or API team?
No, your IT and API teams are not required for this transition. 


Why is this change being made?
Microsoft deprecated their Office 365 REST API which is what 12twenty uses to support Calendar Sync. To learn more about Microsoft’s removal of this functionality, please see their documentation


Who does this affect??
All Student, Alumni, and Career Center Users with an active Calendar Sync connection.


I've re-synced my calendar but my personal calendar events are not coming over to 12twenty. What do I do? 
We recommend that users who are experiencing this issue log out of 12twenty, clear their browser's cache, close the browser, restart their browser, and log back into 12twenty. Please note that once your calendar is re-authorized, the re-sync of calendar events can take 30-minutes.


Who do I reach out to about further questions?
All questions can be sent to the 12twenty Support Team via Please do not reach out directly to your Customer Success Manager or Product Specialist; however, feel free to loop them into your email sent to

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