Editing an OCI Period Being Used in an Active OCI Round

An OCI Round that already exists will not reflect changes made to an OCI Period already being used in the round. To learn more about how to change an OCI Period so the edits you make affect an OCI Round that is active or has already been created for the future, please follow the steps outlined below. 


For example:

For the OCI Round: Week 1 which includes the OCI Period "Student Selection":

  • Original OCI Period Configuration
    • Allow students to accept interview offers = Enabled

If the period is changed via OCI Period Configuration settings

  • Allow students to accept interview offers = Disabled


The OCI Round: Week 1 will not reflect the change made to the "Student Selection" OCI Period. This is because a "snapshot" of the OCI Period Configuration is used when creating an OCI Round. Please reference the steps below to ensure your OCI Period Configuration changes affect your existing OCI Round(s).


To alter the OCI Period behavior for an OCI Round that has already been created, you can either exchange this period with a newly created OCI Period with the correct configuration or you can follow the instructions below to edit the existing OCI Period and re-configure the OCI round(s) to reflect the changes:

  1. Site Management > Site Settings > OCI and Job Listings > OCI Periods
  2. Edit the period in question
  3. Navigate to OCI Settings
    1. Edit the round and any other future rounds including the misconfigured OCI period
      1. Remove the existing pre-select period
      2. Save, ensuring you save to "ALL registrations"
        1. Please note that during save you will see a modal regarding saving. You will want to apply this to all OCI registrations, including those of which are customized. If you have customized OCI registrations, please note their customizations because you will need to reinstate the dates after making this change.
    2. Edit the OCI period again
      1. Re-add the reconfigured OCI Period
      2. Shift the period up to the appropriate location (use the three dots)
      3. Reconfigure the start/end dates
      4. Save to all registrations and apply to all OCI Registrations


For a video walkthrough, please watch this video! 


Note: If you have made any customizations to the OCI Registrations for the OCI Round, you must overwrite them during the above process. Without overwriting the customizations, the change to your OCI Period will not take effect. We recommend taking screenshots or documenting any customizations so you can re-edit the OCI Registrations. 

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