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You've made it through the Getting Started Guide! Now that you have an understanding of 12twenty for University basics, it's time to work towards becoming a 12twenty Expert. There are some items that you should consider crossing off of your list as soon as possible.

If you would like to jump right into the configuration of your site, here are our recommendations in order of importance:

Topic Link Rationale
Site Branding Resource Branding your site allows you to upload Site Logos, School Logos, and Background Images that are dependent on a Student or Alumni user's Program or College (for University-Wide partners).
Configure Graduation Dates Resource Configuring your Graduation Dates as a first step ensures that Student and Alumni records uploaded into your platform are aligned with the correct dates. Incorrect Graduation Dates can lead to Standard Reporting Issues.
Review Profile Attributes

Resource: Attributes

Resource: Picklists

Reviewing Attributes and Picklists associated with Student Records ensures that the fields and values available to upload into and for users to select are aligned with your Career Center or office's needs.

We also recommend downloading the values from Picklists for Attributes you intended to upload values into via the Data Upload Tool.

Upload Students Resource

Uploading Student and Alumni records will create profiles for your current and past Students.

Creating at least a "Test User" will allow you to explore your 12twenty Site as a Student User.

Upload Employers Resource

Uploading your Employer / Company records will provide you with the ability to upload your Contact Records as well.

Please review Attributes and Picklist for the Employer Relations module (Form: Company) as well.

Upload Contacts Resource

Uploading your Contact / Recruiter records will allow you to email them directly through your 12twenty platform.

Please Review Attributes and Picklists for the Employer Relations module (Form: Contact) as well.


Other Lessons

Disclaimer: (1)This information is subject to change at any time. Please contact 12twenty Support via Support@12twenty.com or by creating a ticket to request updated information. (2)12twenty is in the process of being certified for Part-Time MBA CSEA Standards. (3)Your 12twenty site may not include all modules or options described above.


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