How to Complete 12twenty for Employers Profile

Your 12twenty company profile is an opportunity for university career centers and prospective applicants to get familiar with your organization's mission, values, benefits, and overall brand. 


How to Complete 12twenty for Employers Profile

  1. From the employer homepage (, expand “My Company” and select “Profile” on the left-hand navigation menu. 

  2. To edit each section, select the ellipsis menu

  1. The top section features space for a company logo and an eye-catching hero image. Only the company name is required, but it is recommended to include all possible information.
  1. Add your Headquarter address under "Headquarters" to indicate your HQ on a map.

  1. In the Company Overview section, utilize HTML formatting, hyperlink to your company website's About Us page, and even embed pictures or promotional videos!

  2. The Insider’s View section is a way to feature the unique experience your organization offers. Create questions for current or past employees to answer. You may want to highlight how your internship program can launch successful careers, give prospective employees insight into your professional development opportunities, or share company perks!

  3. Share information about diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives or accomplishments in the Diversity Spotlight section. You can utilize HTML formatting and add an image and an embedded video.

  • PRO-TIP: We encourage you to add your company's social media profile links! When a Twitter profile is entered, recent tweets will be displayed in a ticker on the bottom right-hand corner of the company profile.
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