How to Move an Outcome's Job Phase

This article discusses how to move an Outcome to a different job phase. This action will only be available to admin users with Can Manage Outcomes user role permission. Please see this article to learn more about admin user role configuration and management.

Please note:

  • Moving an outcome only includes attribute values if the same exact attribute is available on the other job phase. If an attribute does not exist for the selected job phase, it will no longer be included in the outcome details.
  • Moving outcomes to another job phase will not be available if the job phase is closed for admins. 


  1. Navigate to the Student Directory and select the specific student

  2. You will automatically be directed to the Jobs and Job Offers tab of the student’s profile

  3. Select the ellipsis icon of the outcome

  4. Select Move

  5. In the pop-up modal, click the job phase to move the outcome or select cancel to exit

  6. The outcome will now display under the selected job phase

  7. Select the ellipsis button to review the audit log

  8. The Outcome Audit Log will display this action as Outcome - Move Outcome. Click the + sign to expand audit log details. 


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