Data Uploads (Students & Alumni): 12twenty On-Demand Training

All 12twenty for University Platforms are supported by the Data Upload Tool which allows users to upload data like Student and Alumni Records in bulk. This video dives into the intricacies of uploading Student and Alumni Records.


Required Fields (these may vary)
Attribute Required For Notes

   Email Address or 12twentyID

   All Sites

   Email Address or ID value

   Student ID

   All Sites

   Alpha Numeric ID value

   First Name

   All Sites  

   Last Name

   All Sites  

   Graduation Year

   All Sites    Year only

   Graduation Term

   All Sites    [Term] [Year] format required


   All Sites  

   Major/Academic Program

   Non-Business and Non-Law  


   Non-Business and Non-Law    Only required when enabled

   Student Groups

   All Sites  
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