2023 Student Profile Page Update

The all-new Student & Alumni Profile brings together the most important information about your users' journey into an intelligently designed, user-friendly interface.  


For Admins

New Profile - Admin.png

Allows Career Center Users to "flag a Student or Alumni record, along with a "Flag Reason" to let other users know why the flag was applied. Flags and Flag Reason are captured in the audit log.

     - The "Flag Note" is only visible to other Career Center Users that are able to view this student's profile
     - The "Flag Note" is a free-text field and cannot be made into a picklist


"Login As"
Career Center Users can now use the "Login As" functionality directly through the Student & Alumni Profile page


"Rumor" Status
The "Rumor" job status is now available for all outcomes and can be set by an admin at the bottom of any outcome form.


For Students

New Profile - Student.png

"Profile Completeness" Tile
The Profile Completeness tile is an interactive tool that enables Students and Alumni to gauge the completeness of their profiles. It conveniently displays any outstanding items that need attention. Users can simply click on incomplete sections to quickly navigate to them.

  • Tell us about yourself
    • Reminding the user that they have not entered a summary to highlight their personality or work experience
    • This is shown if the "About [name]" section is blank
  • Profile Pictures
  • Upload Resume
    • Reminding the user that they have not saved Application Materials like their resume to their profile for easy access. Saving a primary resume to their profile allows the student to quickly apply to jobs and be found within Candidate Search. 
  • Job Preferences
    • Reminding users to make a selection for Preferred Industry, Preferred Function, Preferred Location, and Preferred Employment Type or Preferred Practice Area
    • Users' preference selections help the platform provide recommendations for Jobs and Events
  • Professional Experience
    • Encourages users to submit at least one outcome
    • Rumor Jobs and "No Recent Information" will not mark this item as complete
  • Social Media
    • Reminds users to link their Social Media accounts like LinkedIn


Timeline and Professional Experience (Outcomes)
New Profile - Outcomes.png

  • Outcomes "slide-out" to view
  • Unified "Add Experience or Status" prompt allows users to input their desired outcome(s) and provides accessible job phases and available outcome options for user selection.
  • The "Experiential Learning" is now job phase included in the Timeline.
    • This includes a link to report an experience and redirects the user to the Experiential Learning Module.


  • The all-new "bubble layout" provides a user-friendly interface that enables students to make effortless updates.
  • Students can now "rank" their preferences
  • The ranking of values is not filterable or reportable
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