Post-OCI Employer Survey

The Post-OCI Employer Survey allows Career Center Users to survey Employers that participated in an OCI round to collect post-interview outcomes for each student.

  1. Enabling The Survey
  2. Customized Notifications
  3. Completing the Post-OCI Survey
  4. Reporting
  5. FAQ


Enabling The Post-OCI Survey

Two notifications are sent to the OCI Job Posting Owner after the latest interview timeslot and include a unique URL that will direct the Employer User to the "Schedule" tab of their OCI Registration. To enable the Post-OCI Survey, please use the workflow below:

  1. Navigate to OCI and Job Listings via Site Management
    Note: Your custom naming for this module may differ

  2. Select "Notifications"

  3. Enable the "Interview Outcome Survey emails" by entering a number of hours (1 or greater). Setting the value to 0 or leaving it blank (null) will disable the notification. Optionally, you may also enable the "Interview Outcome Survey Reminder" in the same manner. 

By default, both notifications are disabled.


Customized Notifications

Both the Survey Notification and the Survey Reminder Notification are editable and can be accessed via OCI and Job Listings Notifications. 

Notification Notification Name
    Interview Outcome Survey     Post-Interview Survey (to Employer)
    Interview Outcome Survey Reminder     Post-Interview Survey Reminder

Interview Outcome Survey notifications do not support variations.


Completing the Post-OCI Survey

The Employer User and Career Center Users can access the Post-OCI survey via the "Schedules" tab of their OCI Job Posting. They can use the following options to respond to the survey for each interview:

  • Invited to next round of interview

  • Extended offer of employment

  • Will not proceed with this applicant

  • Applicant did not attend interview

The Employer User can begin making selections for each interview once the time slot has concluded by selecting the "Interview Outcome" dropdown button. Additionally, they can revise their selection by selecting the dropdown again. 

Referencing the image above, the "Interview Outcome" dropdown became available for the 9:00am - 9:28am interview timeslot at 9:28am.



Two attributes are available as a filter and column via Custom Reports:

Report Type Attribute
    Applicants     Interview Outcome
    Job Postings     OCI Interview Outcomes Complete



  1. How often do the Post OCI Employer Survey notifications get sent out once an interview has ended?
    If you have both notifications enabled, each notification will be sent once (a total of two notifications). The primary notification (1) will be sent after the latest timeslot of the OCI has ended based on the duration in site settings. The reminder notification (2) will also only be sent once after the primary notification has been sent based on the durations in site settings. 



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