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Emails can be scheduled to be sent to a particular set of Students, Alumni, or Contacts via the "Schedule Send" functionality. Schedule Send uses a set of filters to determine which users will be recipients of the email you schedule. 

Schedule Send uses your configured custom filters to send an email at the scheduled time based on the users that meet the filter requirements at the time of sending. Scheduled emails support BCC, templates, and attachments.


If you would like to send an email in 14 days to all upcoming Spring graduates who have not reported an outcome, you would add the following filters:

  • Graduation Term = "Spring 20##"
  • Post Graduation Outcome = "No Reported Outcomes / All"
  • Active = "Yes"

When the above filters are added and the email is scheduled, 150 students are displayed in the results. In 14 days, we would expect that at least one student could have reported an outcome; thus, changing the number of students returned in the results.

So, on day 14, at the scheduled time, the filter will automatically re-run and send the email to the students who fit the filter criteria at that moment. In this case, the filter now returns 100 students who have not reported an outcome. The platform will then send your scheduled email to only those 100 students. 

Creating a Scheduled Email

  1. Set Filters in the Student & Alumni Directory or Contact Directory
  2. Select the three-dot Action button
  3. Select "Schedule Email"
  4. Create your Email or use a template
  5. Set the Date and Time for the email to be sent
  6. Select "Schedule"

Managing Scheduled Emails

From the left-hand navigation menu, you can select Site Management and then select Email Activity to view Scheduled emails.

Emails that are scheduled to be sent are stored in "Email Activity" within the "Scheduled" tab.

From this tab, you will also be able to edit or delete the scheduled email. 

Due to the nature of scheduled emails, the total number of recipients is not known until the moment the email is delivered. 



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