In-App Video Command Center

The 12twenty In-App Video Command Center gives Administrators access to review all Virtual Meeting connections and status for Interviews. You can easily identify who is present, late, or having connection issues and quickly reach out to users through the in-platform messaging tool. 


Accessing the Command Center

To view the Interview Command Center, select the drop-down arrow for the Job Listings and OCI module and select Command Center. In the Command Center, you can use filters to restrict the view that is displayed on your browser. 

Command Center.png


Interview Statuses

The Command Center has separate tabs for the status of the various interviews shown on your dashboard. 

  • Upcoming: The interview is coming up within the date(s) set within the filter
  • Waiting: The interview has started and waiting for all the participants to join
  • In Progress: The interview is in progress and all the participants have joined
  • Overtime: The interview has exceeded the timeslot but the participants are still in the meeting
  • Completed: The interview timeslot has been completed

Each attendee has a status icon next to their profile:

  • Green: The participant is connected
  • Yellow: The participant is connected but there is an error or the participant has not fully joined
  • Red: The participant has not connected


Join an Active Interview

Should you need to join an active interview, you can use the "Join Call" function to pop-in and communicate with the participants who have joined. 

Command Center 3.png


Messaging Interview Participants

If you need to reach out to Interview participants, you can use the "Message Participants" feature to send all participants in the meeting a message that appears as a notification at the top of their screen. 

  1. Select the three-dot action button to open the interview options menu
  2. Enter your custom message and select Send
    Command Center 2.png
  3. The message will appear for the Interview participants
    image (18).png
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