Career Center Admins - How to Duplicate a Custom Report

Duplicating a report is especially useful when a user wants to edit a report they did not create. Duplicating a report serves in place of transferring ownership on Custom Reports. Duplicating the report creates a copy of which the current user is the owner, allowing them to edit the new report as needed, including updating distribution schedules and recipients.

To duplicate a Custom Report:

  1. Select the Custom Reports module from the left navigation panel.

  2. Select the ellipsis icon next to a report, and select “Duplicate”.

[alt text: the screenshot above shows the Custom Reports module, with a highlighted report selected for duplication using the 3 dot ellipsis action button]

  1. The report will be duplicated and “Duplicate” will appear in the name of the report (e.g. “Duplicate - 2019 Student Salaries by Industry”). Select the Action button, and then select “Edit”, to edit the duplicate report. 


Q: A colleague has transferred out of the Career Center - how do I transfer their reports to my ownership?

A: At present (July 2020), 12Twenty does not offer an ownership transfer function. Instead we recommend duplicating each report so you become the owner and can edit the report parameters as needed.

Q: I am on a distribution list for a Reporting Dashboard created by a colleague who left the university - how do I update the distribution cadence and recipients?

A: If the credentials of the career center user who created the Reporting Dashboard still appear in "Manage Users," you can log in as the original author and update the distribution schedule and list.

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