Approving Outcomes

This article will highlight how to approve both single and multiple outcomes, and is intended for Law and Business graduate programs, as Undergraduate programs do not require outcome approval. 


How to approve outcomes:

  1. Select Notifications from the left hand navigation panel and select "Outcomes".

  1. You will be directed to the Data Validation Page. On the Pending Jobs and Job Offers tab you can view the student’s name on the left and the submitted outcome details on the right. 

  1. After reviewing the outcome details. Selecting “Approve” in the Outcome Details Section.

  1. Select “Approve” to confirm approval of the pending outcome.

Bulk Approval

To bulk approve pending outcomes on the Data Validation page:

  1. Check the box above the student names to select all students with pending outcomes.-Or individually select the student outcomes you would like to approve.

  1. Then select Approve Selected”.

Admin Actions - Data Validation Page

  • Approve: To approve an outcome, select "Approve".

  • Edit: To open the outcome and edit any fields, select "Edit".

  • Email Student: To email the student, select "Email Student".

  • Profile: To be directed to the student’s profile, select "Profile".

  • Delete: To delete the outcome, select "Delete". Note that this action is irreversible.

  • To exclude the outcome from reporting, uncheck the “Include in Reporting” box.

The Data Validation Page also has an “Approved Jobs/Job Offers” tab that admins can use to view all approved outcomes. 

Admins are able to utilize filters to narrow and organize results, as well as perform actions on each outcome. Such as Unapprove, Edit, or Delete, as well as Email a student or visit the student’s Profile from the “Approved Jobs/Job Offers” tab of the Data Validation page.

Revoking Approval (Unapproving Outcomes)

Outcomes that were previously approved can be unapproved 

  1. Navigate to a Student's profile
  2. Locate the Outcome in question
  3. Select the "Unapprove" link
  4. Select "Unapprove" in the pop-up confirmation

Please note that revoking approval on an outcome will appear in the outcome's audit log

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