Foreign Currency

Foreign Currencies allow students and admin users the ability to report compensation data (e.g. Base Salary,) in foreign currencies. If you would like to enable foreign currencies on your platform, please contact

  • Pro Tip: 12Twenty converts salaries reported in foreign currencies using daily currency conversion rates. For example, if a student reported a ‘Base Salary in Euros (€) on 1/1/23, 12Twenty will convert the Base Salary to USD($) using the €→$ conversion rate on 1/1/23.


Changing Currency on an Outcome

The Compensation section of an outcome survey requests the user specify the currency type they are receiving.

To select currency type:

  1. Navigate to the Compensation section of an Outcome Report. Select the drop-down menu to select the type of currency.

  2. The compensation fields will now display the selected currency.


  1. The outcome will display the salary in the selected foreign currency on the Jobs and Job Offers tab of the student profile.


Changing Currency on a Custom Report

On a Custom Outcome Report, admins select the currency to display on the report by selecting the Currency drop down menu and selecting currency type in the Report Basics section.

Selecting As reported will display the different currencies students or admins selected when creating outcomes. 


Selecting a specific currency on a Custom Outcome Report will convert the salaries reported on outcomes to all reflect the selected currency.

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