Why are there students with No Reported Outcomes?

There are two reasons a student could appear as having no reported outcomes on your 12Twenty platform.  Either the student has never logged in, or they have logged in and chosen not to report anything.  The screenshots below show how you can distinguish between the two by using the “Signed Up Status” filter in the student directory:

Students who have signed up on 12Twenty but have no reported outcomes:


Students who have no reported outcomes because they have not signed up on 12Twenty:


You can control the categorization of Unreported Students by navigating to your Site Settings, then clicking on “Reporting Settings” and editing “Reporting Options for Unreported…”


MBA CSEA Standards & Disclaimer

While this article is intended to assist 12Twenty customers in compiling their official MBA CSEA reports, it should not be considered formal guidance on interpreting MBA CSEA standards, or instructions on how to comply with them.  For that, we always recommend reviewing the latest version of the MBA CSEA standards, which can be found at http://www.mbacsea.org/standards, or contacting the MBA CSEA directly with any questions.



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