How do I create a recurring appointment block?


This article will highlight how to create, edit and delete recurring Appointment Blocks.


Creating a recurring appointment block:

  1. Navigate to the Appointments page, and either select the “+Create a Block” button, or click and drag directly on the calendar to create a block.







  1. Fill out the details of the block, paying close attention to the “Occurs” option. All appointment blocks are defaulted to appear one time, but you may also select weekly to make the block repeat on a weekly basis. 


  1. Once you select the “Weekly” option, fill out the options that appear: the start and end date, as well as the days of the week the block should occur on.


  1. Select "Create Block" to save and publish this appointment block.



How to edit a recurring appointment block:

  1. Select the appointment block you wish to edit. On the window that appears, select the more actions button (3 dots) on the top right corner and select"Edit Block".




  1. Apply any edits/changes and select “Save Block”


  1. Note that editing a recurring block only edits the specific block you select, it does not edit other blocks in the recurring series. To change all blocks in a recurring series, delete the series using the instructions below and re-create the series to your specifications.


Deleting Recurring Appointment Blocks:

To learn how to delete both recurring and one time only appointment blocks , click here.

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