How does a student apply to a resume book?

This article will highlight how students apply to resume books, as well as how admins can register students to a resume book.

How a student applies to a resume book

  1. Select the Resume Books module from left navigation panel. 

  • Pro Tip: Apply filters to narrow and optimize results.

  1. Select a specific Resume Book from the results.

  1. Select "Apply".

  1. Upload resume, select whether you want other students to be able to view your resume, then select "Submit".

  • If the resume book requires resume approval, your resume will be pending approval.

  • If the resume book does not require resume approval your resume will automatically be approved.

How an admin registers a student to a resume book:

  1. Select the Resume Books module from left navigation panel. 

  2. Select a resume book from the results, and navigate to the "Resumes" tab.

  1. Select the "Action" button, then select the “+Add Student” option.

  1. Enter the student’s name and select "Submit".

  1. Upload the student’s resume, select whether to have the resume visible to other students, and select "Submit".

  • Pro Tip: Whether a student has applied to a resume book themselves, or a career center admin has added them to a resume book, the student will have an initial status of “Pending Approval” if the resume book was configured to require resume approval.

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