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What's New

  • Employers now have the ability to update their employer's profile information (1)
  • 12Twenty School Admins and Students will have access to a new "Home" tab which provides a an overview of the employer's engagement and activities in the platform via the following informational tiles:
    • Hero image
    • Social media links
    • Overview - Allows employers to use rich text and multi-media to tell the story of their organization's values
    • Approved & Open Job Posting and OCI Listings
    • Approved Events
    • Google Maps Headquarters Address
    • Insiders View* - Allows employers to highlight testimonials from diverse employees within the organization
    • Benefits*
    • Twitter Feed*


(1) An employer will never be able to view or update any information that you have added to the employer profile with your site instance, such as standard attributes not listed above, or custom fields.
(*) Fields marked with an asterisk are "premium" fields and can only be added to an employer profile by the employer


How It Works

Updating The Profile


The new employer profile can be updated by either the career center or the employer. The career center can update the following fields on the new employer profile, so long as auto-sync is NOT enabled:


  • Hero Image (800x500 minimum size recommended, high resolution file recommended)
  • Logo (160X160 minimum size recommended)
  • Headquarters
  • Social Media Links
  • Overview


The employer can update all of the fields listed above, in addition to the following fields, from the Employer Portal (not the school site instance):

  • Insiders View
  • Benefits
  • Twitter Feed
  • Instagram Feed


Please note: not all image files are created equal - high resolution images will prevent pixelation of the logo and/or hero image. The logo image must be a square in order to orient properly within our crop tool. The hero image needs to have some blank space above and below the text/image to display above the Company Profile and not be cut off by the Profile's header.


Employer Profile Sync


Your 12Twenty platform now has the ability to sync employer profile data to your site instance, should you approve the request.

When an employer updates their profile, a request will be sent to your site instance within the new "Employer Profile Sync" notification section. If approved, the following information on the employer profile will be updated and any updates made by the employer to their profile in the future will automatically sync:


  • Hero Image
  • Logo
  • Headquarters
  • Social Media Links
  • Overview
    • Note: The overview written by the career center will be overwritten
  • Insiders View
  • Benefits
  • Twitter Feed
  • Instagram Feed


On the "Employer Profile Sync" approval page, you will see the name and contact information of the contact requesting to manage their profile on your site instance. You will also be able to click into the "Employer name" hyper link to view the Employer profile before approving or rejecting the request.




Q: Where does the Employer user update their Employer's Company profile?


A: Employer users will see a module in their lefthand navigation called Company Profile when they log in to your site instance or the 12Twenty Employer Portal

  • Clicking this module will direct the Employer user to the Employer Portal, where they can update their Employer's Company Profile if they are an administrative user
  • When the employer profile is updated, this information flows down to the associated employer profile on your site instance as long as Employer sync is approved and active via your site instance


Q: Who can update an Employer's profile?

A: Only administrative Employer users will be able to update the Employer Company Profile

  • When a new employer user signs up to your site instance or the Employer Portal with a new Employer Name, they are designated as an "administrator" of their profile and can therefore update the Company Profile
    • This will create a pending Employer and a pending Contact record in your Notifications queue
  • When a new employer signs up to your site instance or the Employer Portal with an existing Employer Name, they are designated as an "associate" user and will not have the ability to edit the Company Profile
    • Employer user admins can change user roles for fellows
    • The Company Profile located on the Employer Portal provides a list of all users associated with that specific Employer
    • Career Center users cannot designate who is a manager of the employer profile
    • If an Employer user reports their only Employer admin is no longer with their organization, reach out to support@12twenty.com 
      • See this article for more on changing Employer users' user roles
  • Any Employer user who existed in school site instances or our Employer database that posted an approved job listing or event within the last year (roughly June 2019 - June 2020) was assigned an administrative user role 


Q: Once I approve an Employer's Company profile sync request, will future profile updates automatically sync to my site?

A: Yes! After you make the initial approval to allow an employer to manage their profile on your site, any update they make in the future will automatically update your employer profile.


Q: If an Employer recruits at multiple schools using 12Twenty, do their Employer users have to update the Company profile for each individual site?

A: No. The Employer user updates their Company Profile while logged into their account in our Employer Portal and those changes will automatically flow down to the site instances they use to recruit as long as Employer sync is approved and active


Q: Does "Employer Sync" function like contact or employer merging, where the sync overwrites information on our sites?

A: Employer sync does not overwrite fields and values per se, it points the site specific profile to the Employer Portal's core Employer Company profile

  • Changes you make to the Employer's Company profile on your specific site instance are proprietary to your site


Q: Will an employer ever be able to see the information I have added to their profile on my site instance?

A: No. Any information you have added to standard (e.g., "Outreach Priority") or custom fields will never be visible to the employer.


Q: Can employer users who are not on my site instance request to sync the Employer Profile?

A: Yes, but if they login to your site, a request will be generated.


Q: How do I know if my employer profile is linked/synced to a 12Twenty Network employer profile?


A: There are two ways to determine if an employer profile is linked to a 12Twenty Network employer profile

  • The first is via the "Linked To 12Twenty Network Employer" and "Auto Sync Profile" filter, which is available on the Employer Directory
  • The 2nd is via a "link" and"sync" icon that appear on the employer profile page, indicating that the employer is linked and/or synced:

Linked Only        


Linked & Synced



Q: What happens to the Overview written by the Career Center?


A: The overview that is written by the career center is overwritten by what is uploaded by the Company. For example, the custom overview "This is a great Company" would be overwritten by "We are a great company" once the Profile Sync is enabled. 


Advanced Topics


Updating An Employer Link


Over time, there may be an employer profile on your site that you would like to associate to a different "12Twenty Network" employer. This may happen because the employer merges with another employer (Sprint - AT&T) or splits up into more defined divisions (Amazon.com and Amazon AWS).


To update the "12Twenty Network" employer that your site instance employer is associated to, simply go to the employer profile page and select "Action" and select "Update Employer Link"



This will allow you to select a different employer to associate the profile to, and also create a new "12Twenty Network" employer if that employer name does not show up in the auto complete as an available option.


Identifying Which Employer Profiles Are Currently Synced


To identify a list of employers that are currently "synced," a new filter entitled "Auto Sync Profile" has been added to the site. This filter is available on the employer directory and the employer custom report.










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