Assisting Students who are Unable to Login (for Admins)

A student who is unable to log into 12Twenty can be caused by a number of issues. Please check all of the following possibilities before contacting the 12Twenty Support Team.


Troubleshooting Student Login Issues

  1. Is the Caps Lock on or off?
    Please remember that passwords are case-sensitive. The letters b and B are different for our system.

  2. Is the student logging in on the correct Student Portal URL?
    Confirm that the word "admin" does not appear in the URL.

  3. Is the student entered included in the 12Twenty platform more than once?
    Students with multiple identities on 12Twenty will cause a system error. Please check through the Student Tracking page to ensure the student is only entered once.

  4. Unable to remember password?
    A student is able to reset their password upon login.

  5. Do you need to reset the student's password?
    If you would like to send the student a reset password link, select Settings then select Manage Users. You'll automatically be taken to the Students / Alumni page. Search for the student in question, and click the ellipsis button. You can elect to manually reset their password or send them a password reset link.

  6. Is the SSO ID number correct?
    Go to the Admin Tab of the Student Profile to confirm. Also, ensure the student should still has access to the 12Twenty site.

  7. Is the email address correct?
    Go to the Admin Tab of the Student Profile to confirm. More often than not, errors are due to a misspelled email address.


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