Employer Registration

Employer Registration

  1. After  logging in / signing up, your employer will land on their home page, where they can then select + Register under Register for OCI.

  2. On the Register for OCI Page an employer can input information about the job opportunity including their employer name, the job phase they are targeting (if applicable), and the recruiting year the OCI is designed for (if applicable). During this time Employers will see the OCI Round you created in the OCI Round drop down menu only if they are registering during a period where Employer Registration is active.

  3. The employer can then provide their first choice for the date and start time of the interview. Second and third choices are optional. If, during your OCI Round setup, you indicated specific dates for employer interview selection, these will be the only dates eligible for selection by Employers.

  4. Employers will also indicate how many Rooms and Interview Slots they need and how long the interviews will be. They can also indicate if they want to have a company presentation or if they want to hold office hours on campus.

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  5. Finally, your employer selects Next to submit their OCI Registration for approval by an admin, and then selects +Post a Job to create their Job Posting. In the first portion of the Job Posting Page your Employer communicates what kind of job they’ll be interviewing for, application materials, basic information about their company and the position they’re interviewing for, as well as the Primary Job Contact’s information. Before submitting for approval, the Employer is able to choose the application documents they would prefer from students in the Application Document Requirements section.

  6. Once the employer has completed this form, they can submit the job posting for your approval.


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