OCI Registration for Employers

Employer Registration for OCI occurs during an OCI Period where "Allow employers to register for OCI" is active. OCI Registrations allow employers and recruiters to submit their intent to participate in an OCI and connect Job Listings. Submitting an OCI registration is not the same as submitting a Job Posting for an OCI.

An OCI Registration can be linked to multiple Job Listings. An Employer only needs one OCI Registration as long as all of the Job Listings will be interviewing within the same OCI Round.


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Employer Registration

  1. After accessing your recruiter site, /hire, the Employer User will land on the site's homepage, where they can then select + Register under Register for OCI or via the Job and OCI Postings Module.

  2. The Employer will fill out the Register for OCI form, select an OCI Round, and input information about their registration. The only OCI Rounds that will be available are those that have an OCI Period active that includes "Allow employers to register for OCI."

  3. If the OCI Round setup restricts specific dates for employer interview selection, these will be the only dates eligible for selection by Employers.

  4. Employers will also indicate how many Rooms and Interview Slots they need and how long the interviews will be. Rotating Interviews are also included in the Interview selections.

  5. Use Next to submit the OCI Registration and move on to submitting a Job Listing.

  6. Once completing the Job Listing form, the Employer User can submit the job posting for your approval.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Employer User cannot select an OCI Round because the list is blank or the Round they are looking for is not listed. 
This is due to an OCI Period with Employer Registration not being active. At the date and time in which the Employer User is attempting to fill out an OCI Registration, there must be an OCI Round where "Allow employers to register for OCI" is active. For example, if today is May 5, 2022 at noon, there must be an OCI Round where a period that includes "Allow employers to register for OCI" has already started and not ended.

The Employer does not see the "Register for OCI" tile. 
Please ensure that the OCI and Job Listings module is available to Employers via Site Management. Here is the resource that includes how to enable the Module: Enable the OCI and Job Listings Module.

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