Reviewing Scheduling Requests and Setting up Schedules + Rooms

Reviewing Scheduling Requests and Setting up Schedules + Rooms

Follow the instructions below to learn how you can review and approve OCI Registrations and associated Job Postings, set up schedules and reserve rooms. 

  1. Once you’re logged in as a Career Center User, click on the Notifications tab from the left side navigation to review, reject or approve OCI Registrations and OCI Job Details.

  2. Select the OCI that needs approval, and review the Registration and Job Posting tabs before deciding to reject, approve or edit the Job Posting and OCI Registration. If rejecting, admins may provide a reason for rejection. To decide if the Employer receives a notification when their job posting is rejected, and if the rejection email includes the reason for rejection, navigate to the Notification tab of OCI and Job Listings  found in your Site Settings. Select Edit next to the “Job Posting Rejection” notification.

Please note that when approving the Job Posting, you may need to first Edit the Job Posting to include # of Total Interview Slots under the Career Center Administrator section. This is a required field.

  1. To set up the schedule, click on the Schedule tab and then the +Add Schedule(s) button, where you will be able to build your interview slot schedule, including breaks.

  1. Before you set the schedule you need to reserve a room where the schedule can apply. To begin select the edit button next to Unassigned Room to select from your platform’s Room Management table. Here, you can also edit the date and the time of the room.

  1. Once your interview date(s) and schedule(s) have been established, you may Notify the Employer of these dates/times, which will send an email to the Primary OCI Contact (from the Registration page).                                                                                                                                                  

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