University Admins - How to create a new room

This article is intended for use by University Admins and can be used to create a new room in an OCI schedule.

When schedule changes happen unexpectedly (or your team has a new interview location to add to the database), you can pivot by creating a new room and re-notifying your students.

Create a new Room option called a “Phone Interview” Room by going to Site Management → Manage Rooms and Clicking the “Add a New Room” button, which will create a new editable room at the bottom of your existing room list.

Then from the “Schedule” tab of the OCI click the “Room Actions” button and select “Edit Schedule” from the menu list. 

  • In the “Edit Schedule” popup, uncheck the “Virtual” box under the “Assigned Room”

  • Use the “Room Note” functionality to share the phone number with scheduled students

Notify all of the impacted students about the Interview Location changes by clicking “Schedule Actions” and selecting “Re-Notify All” on the altered schedule.

If necessary, use the 12twenty “Email” option under the “Schedule Actions” to share additional communication with scheduled students about the new interview location details and changes to the Interview Program

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