How to Delete an Event

  1. Select the specific event.
  2. Click the top right Action button, followed by the "Delete" option.

Please note that deleting an event deletes any associated data of the event and this action is irreversible. Use caution when deleting events.

Understanding the Difference Between Deleting and Canceling an Event

It's crucial to understand the distinction between deleting and canceling an event, as each action has different implications for the event's data and accessibility. While deleting an event removes it and all associated data permanently, canceling an event keeps the event's details accessible but marks it as not occurring.

An event marked with a blue banner signifies its canceled status, allowing users to distinguish between active and canceled events easily.

Before deciding between deleting or canceling an event, consider the permanence of deletion and the flexibility offered by cancellation, especially in terms of data retention and user access.

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