How to add a new Event Type

Admins are able to add, edit, merge and delete types of Events. 

To add a new Event Type:

  1. Select Settings and choose “Site Settings” from the drop-down menu.

  2. Choose Events under Career Services Management.

  3. Navigate to the Picklists tab.

  4. Select the Action button, then select "Add New Option".

  1. You will then be prompted to add the new Event Name and select the Event Type Core.

  • General Event: A regular event that can be hosted by employers or the career center, and allows students to register. There is no limit as to how many Event Types can be categorized as General.
  • Time-slot Event: An event that integrates a schedule. Click here to learn more about time-slot style events.
  • Job Fair Event: A career fair that is hosted by the career center, and allows both students and employers to register. If you already have a Job Fair Event Type, the system will prevent you from adding another.

How to check what the Event Type Core is for Existing Event Types:

  1. Navigate to the Picklist Tab on the Events Site Settings.

  2. Select the ellipses of a specific event type and select “Edit”.

  1. A window will pop up with the Event Type Core of that Event Type.

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