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Enabling 12Twenty Passports:


The 12Twenty Passport feature can be enabled to provide students with a unique QR code they can use to sign into events. To activate the 12Twenty Passport feature do the following 

  1. Select the Settings tab and select Site Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the General site setting page under Career Services Management
  3. Select the box to Enable 12Twenty Passport for Events and Appointments.




  •  Pro tip: 12Twenty Passports are student-specific and not event-specific, so students may use their unique 12Twenty Passport to check in for any event they register for.



Accessing your QR code as a Student:

Once enabled, students can access their 12Twenty Passport by going to their Account Settings.


Should the student need to send their QR code to themselves, they can do so by selecting the option to “Send yourself an email”


After a student has sent themselves a QR code from their account settings, they’ll receive an email. The email will have simple instructions on how they can add their QR code to their mobile device either using Apple Wallet or Android Pay.



Checking in students using 12Twenty Passport:

To check in students with their 12Twenty Passports, scan the QR code and select Check In next to the appropriate appointment or event. If you are using an iPad or iPhone running on iOS 11 or later, a QR code reader is included in the built-in Apple camera app, so a third party app is not necessary. Just be sure to enable the "Scan QR Codes" camera setting. This is the recommended method for scanning 12Twenty Passports efficiently.


Pro Tip: With a strong, reliable internet connection each student can be checked in to an event or appointment in less than 10 seconds on average. 


As you check in multiple students, the system will recognize you are scanning for a particular event and a "Quick Check-in" option will appear for that event to help with the efficiency and speed of checking in.


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