How Do I Host a Job Fair?

An admin user can follow these steps in order to Host a Job/Career Fair:

  1. On the left Navigation Panel select Events.
  2. On the top right of the page select “+Host a Job Fair”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  3. Next fill in the Job Fair details, please pay close attention to the following:

a. The registration dates for both students and employers are decided by the admin, be sure to remember that registration for both must end before the Event Start Date.        




Pro tip: To host a multi day career fair select "+Add Date" on the "Event Info" section. 

**Please note, job or career fairs hosted over multiple days will send an employer registration approval notification for the first day the fair occurs, as opposed to the specific day the employer may be registered for. See "Event Notifications" for a list of all notifications related to events.**


b. The Publish Date field, located in the Event Dates section, allows admins to control when an event becomes visible to eligible students. Pro tip: The Publish Date must be before or on the same date as the Registration Start Dates.       



c.  Be sure to add the correct student groups in the “Who Can View and Attend” Job Fair section.To view the Job Fair, the student must be included in at least one Student Group listed in the "Who Can View & Attend" section.


d. If you want to ensure that students that register for the Job Fair upload a Resume, Cover Letter or any other document(s) be sure complete the Registration Documents field and select the Is Required box. To learn more about how to download documents, click here.


e. Under the Registration Types section of the Job Fair Details page an admin can add registration types that employers will select when registering for the Job Fair. You can add additional registration types by selecting “Add Registration Type”.


f. Admins can also add Additional Items that employers can select when registering (such as additional chairs, meals etc).


g.  After all fields with an (*) are filled click Save to view your newly created Job Fair.




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