Rumor Jobs


A rumor job is an unconfirmed job that a student mentioned verbally to a career advisor. 


To add a rumor job for a student:

  1. Navigate to the Jobs and Job Offers tab of the student’s profile. 


  2. Next to the appropriate job phase, select “+Admin: Add Rumor”.


  1. Select the appropriate outcome survey.

  • Pending Job – A received job offer. 
  • Accepted Job – A job that has been accepted. 
  • Sponsored Job – A job where an employer is financially sponsoring education and the student intends to return to that employer for a guaranteed position.



  1. Fill in the information. 

  • Note that when a career center user is reporting an outcome on behalf of a student, they’ll only be required to complete the “Admin” section, specifically Knowledge Source, at the bottom of the page.


  • Fields marked with an (*) that are left blank will be listed when “Submit” is selected, but admins may proceed with submitting the outcome by selecting “Continue”.


The Rumor Job will now appear on the Jobs and Job Offers tab of the student Profile page and is exclusively visible to admin users. Note that because an admin added the rumor job, it is automatically approved. 


By selecting the ellipsis icon of the rumor job outcome, admin users can perform the following:

  • Edit: Click here for more information on editing outcomes.
  • Delete: Click here for more information on deleting outcomes.
  • Unaccept: To mark the “Offer Accepted” rumor job as “Offer Received”, select “Unaccept”.
  • Add Interview Question: To add information about the interview process of this (rumor) accepted job outcome, select “Add Interview Question”.
  • Add Outcome Note: Click here to learn more about outcome notes.
  • Exclude from Reporting: To exclude this outcome from standard reporting, select “Exclude from Reporting”.
  • Convert to real job: Upon student confirmation of the outcome, select “Convert to real job” to convert the rumor job outcome to a confirmed job outcome.
  • View Outcome Audit Log: To view the outcome’s Audit Log, select "View Outcome Audit Log". To learn more about the Outcome Audit Log, click here
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