Outcome Survey Site Settings

The Outcome Survey site settings page grants admins control over student/admin accessibility of outcome surveys by program, grad year, and job phase. An admin can "lock" portions of the survey to student and career center users so that once they have finalized collecting outcome surveys, no further edits can be made.


Outcome Survey Site Settings

To navigate to the Outcome Survey Site Settings page:

  1. Select Settings from the left-hand navigation panel and select “Site Settings”

  2.  Select Outcome Survey under Outcome Data and Analytics

  3. Select the Program and Graduation Year

  4. The list of the Job Phases your institution utilizes (For example Post MBA, Internship, Pre MBA) will appear with the option to enable or disable the availability of the survey to both student and admin users.

  5. Check/ Uncheck the corresponding boxes to enable/disable access and select Save Changes.

  6. For example: To disable student access to outcome surveys in the Graduating Term of Fall 2021 for all Job Phases, uncheck the corresponding boxes in each Job Phase. To allow admins access to all Job Phases, check the corresponding boxes in each Job Phase and select Save Changes.

  • When outcome surveys are locked, students will not have the ability to post a new outcome. The job phase will display a survey is currently closed message.

  • Students will also no longer be able to use the ellipsis icon to edit or delete any submitted outcomes before the outcome survey is locked.



Customizing the Post-Survey Notification

To add a customized message that appears after a student's Job Outcome has been reported:

  1. Select the Program and Graduating Class year.

  2. Enter the notification text in the desired Job Phase and select Save Changes

  • Students in the selected Program and Graduation Class that submit an outcome in that Job Phase will be presented with a customized notification message.

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