Insufficient Data Minimum - Research Tools Site Settings

To navigate to the Research Tools Site Settings:

  1. Select "Settings" then "Site Settings"

  1. Select “Research Tools” under Outcome Data & Analytics.

The Insufficient Data Minimum: This setting protects student privacy by requiring a minimum number of data points when displaying compensation data on Research Tools to student users. This value is set to "3" by default. Therefore, a student researching salary compensation data will only see results when there are at least 3 or more data points available. If the number of data points is below the Insufficient Data Minimum, the student will see “I/D”. 

To update your platform’s Insufficient Data Minimum:

  1. On the Research Tools site settings page, select “Edit” next to Students/Alumni Insufficient Data Minimum.

  2. Enter the new Insufficient Data Minimum and select “Save”.

    • Note: The 12Twenty platform will not allow users to set the insufficient data minimum to a value less than 3. 

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