MBA CSEA Reporting in 12Twenty: FAQ's

This page will help you with a variety of different situations that may arise while generating and reviewing your MBA CSEA report, such as finding which students are included in the report or how to mark a student has having "No Recent Information Available." This guide is your first step in understanding how the report works, alongside troubleshooting steps to help you get past roadblocks along the way.





1) Which students are included in the MBA CSEA report?


All students of a school’s full-time MBA program graduating between July 1 and June 30 of consecutive years.

How can I find an MBA student that is unexpectedly missing from (or added to) the 12Twenty prepared MBA CSEA Report?

  • Graduation Date. Remember the date range for students to be included is July 1 through June 30 of the following year.  Be sure the graduation date associated with a student’s graduation term falls within that date range.  Students with summer graduation terms often are a cause for confusion.  If they have a graduation date after July 1, they will be the first students on the report for the following year (for example, a student graduating in May 2017 would be included in the 2017 MBA CSEA report, but a student graduating in August 2017 would be included on the 2018 report).

  • Account Settings. Make sure the student’s profile has the correct account settings (Program, Graduation Year, Graduation Term, Exchange Student, Active = Yes).




2) Which student outcomes are included in the MBA CSEA report?

  • Employment offers accepted by 3 months after the student’s graduation date.
  • Outcomes reported by 4 months after the student’s graduation date.
  • Outcomes not specifically excluded from reporting.
  • Inclusion of unapproved outcomes, rumor jobs, and exchange students depend on your site settings.


How can I find a student whose outcome is unexpectedly missing from (or added to) the 12Twenty prepared MBA CSEA report?

  • Check dates. Ensure relevant dates are within the defined reporting windows.  Job offers must have an Accepted Date no later than 90 days after a student’s graduation date.  All outcomes must have a Reported Date no later than 120 days after a student’s graduation date.


  • Included? Check the student’s profile and ensure the outcome is included in reporting.


  • Site Settings. See if rumor jobs, unapproved jobs, and exchange students are included in reporting. Ensure the student / outcome in question corresponds with your settings.






Tip: To quickly determine which students are represented on a table, export the raw data by selecting "Export Raw Data"







3) Why are some students marked as "Unreported?"


There are two reasons a student could appear as having no reported outcomes on your 12Twenty platform.  Either the student has never logged in, or they have logged in and chosen not to report anything.  The screenshots below show how you can distinguish between the two by using the “Signed Up Status” filter in the student directory:


Students who have signed up on 12Twenty but have no reported outcomes :







Students who have no reported outcomes because they have not signed up on 12Twenty:









You can control the categorization of Unreported Students by navigating to your Site Settings, then clicking “Reporting Settings” and editing “Reporting Options for Unreported…”









4) How can I identify students marked as having "Multiple Reported Outcomes?"


Occasionally you will see students listed as having "Multiple Reported Outcomes”  This means the student has reported two or more outcomes that are in conflict with each other.  For example, a student reported an accepted offer, but also has marked themselves as “Still Seeking Employment.”  Another example would be a student reporting they are starting their own business, which makes them a non-seeker, but then also saying they are seeking employment.


You can isolate students with multiple reported outcomes by navigating to the Student Directory and adding a filter for students with multiple reported outcomes.









From there, you can click on each student’s profile and resolve any conflicts within their profile by removing or updating the conflicting outcomes to "Exclude from Reporting."












5) How can I mark a student has having “No Recent Information Available”?


Students for whom you do not have usable outcome information can be marked as “No Recent Information Available” by an administrator. The MBA CSEA has very clear guidelines as to what constitutes a student meeting this criteria:


To classify a graduate in the “No Recent Information Available” category, the career services staff should have two evidences of outreach prior to graduation and two post-graduation within the data collection period. The last outreach should be within the final month of data collection period. Acceptable evidence of outreach includes a written log maintained by the University with contact dates, contact names, or written correspondence requesting employment status. 


Recent information received about a graduate is considered information gathered two months prior to graduation up to the school’s data collection deadline. That is, if a school gains information on a students’ status within two months of graduation and receives no further updates, the school should consider the last known status to be the student’s final status. 


To classify a student as “No Information Available” in 12Twenty, navigate to the Student’s Profile, Jobs & Job Offers tab.  Select “Admin: Unreported” for the intended job phase.












You will be prompted to enter a “Student Report Date.”  We suggest entering the date when the student first met the criteria for this category (this would be within the final month of the data collection period, per the MBA CSEA Standards, after they have not responded to the final outreach attempt).





6) What to do with Unknown and $0 Salaries?


Student outcome salaries can be reported as unknown, or $0, salaries in the following ways:

  • Unknown Salary - a career center user completes an outcome survey on behalf of the student and does not know salary information, they can leave the salary field blank.

  • $0 Salary - indicates a student is not receiving a salary. 12Twenty will not allow students to submit surveys with the salary field blank, but they can enter $0 as their salary.

See below to find the Base Salary field on the student and career center user job reporting form:



Please be advised, MBA CSEA standards require $0 salaries to be calculated in all compensation calculations.  In accordance with this, 12Twenty generated reports and research tools will include $0 salaries in aggregate totals.  Unreported, or blank, salaries will be excluded from 12Twenty salary calculations.  See a visualization of these two concepts below:





7) How to report on Customized Functions and Industries?


The MBA CSEA provides a basic, and standardized, list of industries and functions to be included in your official MBA CSEA compensation report.  However, schools have the option to customize these lists to meet their needs and better reflect their student population.  12Twenty provides three options regarding industries and functions when compiling MBA CSEA reports:



  • School’s Industries / Functions:  Your school’s customized high-level list of industries and functions.  It will likely be similar to MBA CSEA’s list, with some changes unique to your site (ex. Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Systems instead of one Healthcare industry).

  • School’s Detailed Industries / Functions:  Your school’s “drilled down” list of industries and functions, which includes significantly more detail than the high-level list.  Many of these can be customized for your school (ex. Marketing/Sales function can be broken into many detailed functions: Advertising/Public Relations, Brand Management, Buying/Merchandising, Consumer Insights, Product Management, and Sales.).

  • MBA CSEA Industries / Functions:  These are the MBA CSEA’s stated list of basic high-level industries and functions with no customizations for your individual school.

    • MBA CSEA Industries: Consulting, Consumer Packaged Goods, Energy, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing Media/Entertainment, Non-Profit, Real Estate, Retail, Technology, Transportation & Logistics Services, Other
    • MBA CSEA Functions: Consulting, Finance/Accounting, General Management, Human Resources, Marketing/Sales, Information Technology, Operations/Logistics, Other

*Please note some jobs associated with custom industries and functions may map to the “Other” MBA CSEA category if their mapping is unspecified or minimum data requirements are not met.




8) How do I "freeze" my data so changes cannot be made?


The 12Twenty platform only includes data in the MBA CSEA report that is reported before the cutoff date. Data entered after is excluded, so going back to the report at a later date will only include data reported within the cutoff date. You may also close the survey to prevent students and/or career center users from modifying the data. In general, we recommend downloading a copy of your MBA CSEA report on the cutoff date to assure you have a local copy of the report. To close the survey for students and/or career center users, following these steps:


1) Navigate to "Site Settings" via the "Gear" icon

2) Select "Outcome Survey" from the left hand side

3) Select a graduation class to configure






9) I am in the Standard Reports module and have selected "Generate and Export Complete Report" for the class I am currently reporting on. When I open the individual tables on 12Twenty, I see the report has defaulted to the current graduation year - why is that?


The tables of the MBA CSA report will always default to the current graduation year. When you select to "Generate and Export Complete Report" from the Standard Reports module, you are creating an excel file for the full MBA CSEA report, which does not make changes to the filters in the tables that live on the 12Twenty platform.


You can change the filters in the individual tables to match your data specifications, then choose from two export options (export raw data and/or export results), but these filters will not be saved for the next time you visit the table. Filters must be applied each time the module and tables are accessed.


10) MBA CSEA Standards & Disclaimer


While these articles are intended to assist 12Twenty customers in compiling their official MBA CSEA reports, they should not be considered formal guidance on interpreting MBA CSEA standards, or instructions on how to comply with them.  For that, we always recommend reviewing the latest version of the MBA CSEA standards, which can be found at, or contacting the MBA CSEA directly with any questions.


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