How do I copy an ‘At Grad’ outcome to create a ‘10 Months’ outcome?

Post JD outcomes can be reported across two Survey Periods, At Graduation or 10 Months to allow you to understand and analyze how a graduate's employment status changed from at graduation to 10 months post graduation.


To convert a student’s “At Graduation” outcome to a “10 Months” outcome, follow the below steps.


1. Navigate to the Jobs and Job Offers tab within their Student Profile.

2. Select the ellipsis icon next to the "At Graudation" outcome.

3. Select "Copy Outcome" from the dropdown menu


4. Validate all of the key details from the "At Graduation" outcome status are accurate or make any necessary changes on the "10 Month" outcome survey that appears.

5. Select the "Knowledge Source" value that accurately depicts how you verified that this is the correct data for the student's "10 Month" outcome status. 

6. Click Submit at the bottom of the form.

7. Add in an "Outcome Note" to document your professional judgment and supporting documentation in case of an audit.


Note: The Survey Period field will automatically switch to “10 Months” on the copied outcome.


The student will now have a "10 Month" outcome as well as an "At Graduation" outcome survey in their Job and Job Offers tab.


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