Which outcomes are not included in reporting?

Not all outcomes are included in the NALP / ABA reports, so be sure to check each student’s outcome(s) to ensure they are counted accurately in your finalized report. An outcome may not be included in reporting if:

  1. The student has no outcomes in the applicable Survey Period. Students with two “At Graduation” outcomes and no “10 Months” outcomes will be classified as unknown when running a NALP or ABA report on the “10 Months” Survey Period. Be sure to check that each student has an outcome listed under the appropriate Survey Period you are reporting on. 

  2. The outcome is set to Exclude from Reporting. Check each outcome to ensure the “Included in Reporting” text is visible on the student’s Jobs and Job Offers tab. An outcome is excluded if an admin user has selected “exclude from reporting” using the more actions icon next to an outcome.

  3. The outcome has not been approved by an admin user. Please Note: This is dependent on your Include Unapproved Jobs in reporting... Site Settings configuration.

  4. The outcome is an admin-added Rumor Job. Please Note: This is dependent on your Include Rumor Jobs in Reporting Site Setting Configuration.

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