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This article covers how to manage CIP Codes as an admin user of the platform.



What are CIP Codes?

CIP Codes are codes provided by NACE that help allow comparisons of an academic major between undergraduate schools. CIP Codes are defined by NACE in the document attached to this article, "cip-codes.xlsx". Please refer to NACE for the most up to date information on CIP Codes.



How do I assign CIP Codes to the majors in my 12twenty platform?


To assign a CIP Code to a major, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Picklists tab of the Students & Alumni site settings page
  2. Select 'Undergrad Major'
  3. Use the ellipses icon next to any major to select Edit
  4. Enter the appropriate code in the CIP Code field, and select Save

Note: If you have the complete list of CIP Codes for your platform's majors list, kindly send it to and we will upload the codes on your behalf!



Where are the CIP Codes displayed on the NACE report?

The CIP Codes are displayed on various sheets of 12twenty's NACE Format Export. After assigning CIP Codes to your majors picklist, navigate to Standard Reports NACE Report and select Export NACE Format. The export will include your CIP Codes on various sheets of the formatted report.

To see NACE's First Destination Survey Template, including CIP Code columns, download the attached file, "nace-fds-data-template-class-of-2020-v2".

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