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This article explains Internal Student Groups, how they work, and use cases for their application.



Internal Student Groups

Student Groups operate as a way for both Admins and Employers to set visibility and eligibility for events and job postings. "Internal" student groups are designed to streamline the "student group" picklist that Employers see when they post a job or event by hiding Student Groups that are not relevant or should be otherwise hidden from the view of a recruiter. Employers are unable to view or select internal student groups. Internal Student Groups can be used to create exclusive appointment blocks, events, and job postings for specific groups of students.

The idea behind this functionality is two fold:

  • Career Center Admins are able to designate and limit the visibility of appointment blocks, events, and job postings to specific internal groups of students
  • The "student group" picklist is limited to only the groups that Career Center Admins want Employers to see



  1. Creating Internal Student Groups
  2. Adding Internal Student Groups to Profiles
  3. Using Internal Student Groups
  4. FAQ


Creating Internal Student Groups

  1. Navigate to Manage Users via Site Settings and select "Groups" from the Students & Alumni Tab

  2. Observe the column "Internal Only" in the Student Group list. When you designate a Student Group for Internal Only use, you will see a "Yes" in this column.

  3. Add a new Student Group by selecting the "+ Add a New Group Button"

  4. Enter the desired name of the internal student group you want to create, adding a description to guide any other users who may want to make use of it. Select the "internal only" checkbox to designate the student group as internal, and select "Add."
    Please note: Student Groups set to "Internal Only" cannot be displayed on a student's profile under their name. 

  5. The newly created Internal Student group is now available in the list of Student Groups. It can be added to Events, Job Postings, and every other module using Student Groups. 


Adding Internal Student Groups to Profiles

Adding an Internal Student Group to a Student or Alumni profile will follow the same process as all other Student Groups and can be managed through the Data Upload Tool or via the Bulk Update Tool. For more information about these processes please see the following articles:



Using Internal Student Groups

Internal Student Groups function in the same manner as all Student Groups except it is not visible or selectable by Employer Users. Due to this hidden visibility, a recruiter would be unable to select an Internal Student group when posting a job or requesting an event. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The Internal Student Group I created is not appearing in the list after I selected "Add."
This is not an uncommon issue and is linked to your browser's cache. You can resolve this visibility error by logging out of your 12twenty account and fully closing your browser. Upon restart, if the new Student Group is not appearing, please check your site via a Private or Incognito browser window. Please create a new Support Ticket if the Student Group does not appear after following the steps mentioned above.

If I mark an event or job posting with an internal student group, can students see it?
Students can see events and job postings connected to internal student groups they are a part of. For example, if you want an event to be "invite only," you can create an "invite only" internal student group, and update the student profiles for the individuals you want to be part of that group. Moving forward, if you select "invite only" in the Eligibility section of an event, only those students in the "invite only" group will be able to view and RSVP to the event

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