Completion of Experiential Learning Request (Student)

After a student’s Experience has been approved by all approvers included in the Initial Approval stage, they will receive a confirmation email (configurable via Site Settings), and they can begin to provide supporting documentation, complete hour logs, and complete forms (as applicable).


Completion of Hour Log:

  1. Click on the Hour Log tab (if applicable to experience)

  2. Click “+Add Hours” to provide details of hours worked. (Please note: An experience must be "In Progress" for a student to be able to log hours.)

  3. Once completed, the student may export their Hour Log to a PDF or click the ellipsis button to edit or delete logged hours. 


Upload Documents and Forms:

  1. Click on the “Documents and Forms” tab

  2. Select “Upload File” for any PDFs determined via Admin Site Settings

  3. Complete any forms (determined in Experiential Learning Site Settings Pre-Configuration)


Submit for Approval:

Once the student has completed their Experience and submitted any supporting documentation, they can click on the “Submit For Approval” button and confirm in the popup modal.


Upon confirmation, the label for the Experience will update to “Pending Final Approval” and be sent to the queue for the Final Approving Career Center Admin.



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