Final Approval of Experiential Learning Request (Admin)

Final Approval of Experiential Learning request (Admin)

Once the Admin who processes final Experiential Learning approval is logged in, the Experience can be approved by following the below steps:

  1. Either click on the Notifications tab, and select “Experiences” OR navigate to the Experiential Learning module, and select the “My Approvals” tab.

  2. Review documents uploaded by student / hour log / student-submitted form by clicking on the Employer name.

  3. Clicking on the “Approvals” tab will display any / all approvers and their approval status.

  4. Click on the “Action” button to take any of the following actions for the submitted Experience:

    • Approve

    • Request Additional Information

    • Deny

    • Edit

    • Delete

  1. If the approver selects “Approve”, Experience will be marked as “Complete”, and student will receive a confirmation email.

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