Leveraging 12Twenty in Virtual Environments

This article will highlight the virtual capabilities of 12Twenty’s platform for career center admins to scale their virtual coaching resources as well as host and administrate virtual recruiting and events. 

This article has two parts: Scale your virtual coaching resources and Scale your virtual recruiting and events.


Scale your virtual coaching resources

12Twenty’s agile, customizable platform is uniquely suited for remote teams. You can customize your site to point students to the appropriate virtual environments and equip them with relevant research tools to continue to support their desired professional outcomes.



Get connected with Appointments

  • Let students know you’re transitioning to virtual environments by configuring the student advising appointment landing page, and include reminders by updating your automated notifications.
  • Customize your site settings for seamless transitions by adding a “virtual” custom attribute to appointment settings
    • An appointment block is a window of time made available for specific student groups (or all groups of students) to book appointments with a career advisor

    • An appointment custom attribute is an additional field added to either the appointments or appointment block form, accessible through site settings


Follow up with emails

  • Leverage templates to reach targeted groups of students and save time throughout the platform.
  • Set up campaigns to track engagement, measure success, and keep notes, tasks, and meetings organized.


Supercharge your research library for job search success

  • Your library should include general resources developed by your career center, a robust repository for tips on applying to jobs, how to network effectively, and evaluation rubrics for career planning.
  • Include tips on interviewing remotely, including testing technology in advance of the meeting and sitting in a well-lit, low-traffic area.
  • Share blog posts or articles written by your career counselors, or authors they recommend.
    Invite alumni who have reported successful outcomes to contribute resources to your Resource Library.


Custom student data for targeted coaching

  • Ask that students opt into Candidate Search so they’re visible as employers begin recruiting.

  • Encourage students to use the target employer and desired industry/function on their profile

  • Contribute to resume books to stand out from the crowd


Scale your virtual recruiting and events

It’s recruiting season and 12Twenty can help you meet your goals, stay on top of reporting, analyze important data, and connect with both students and employers, all from the convenience of a virtual environment. 

Today’s students have grown up immersed in tech and are fluent in managing online relationships. 12Twenty’s virtual toolbelt can help you meet your students where they are and go virtual with events and interviews, making employer recruiting even easier. 


    1. Drive Impact with Online Events
    2. Creating virtual events
    3. Going virtual with OCIs & Interviews
    4. Engage Students with Customized Employer Profiles
    5. Remote Recruiting through Candidate Search
    6. Take Resume Books Virtual with Video Links
    7. Networking with Alumni




Drive Impact with Online Events

12Twenty partners are familiar with our robust and flexible scheduling system. Convert your events to virtual environments by incorporating custom attributes to facilitate the online connection between employers & students.


Creating virtual events

  • Set the Event Format to “virtual”
  • Set the Location to your video conferencing platform URL
  • Update your “Event Type” picklist to include more “virtual” options
    • Webinar / Seminar
    • Masterclass
    • TedTalks
    • Live Stream
    • Emerging Industry Showcase
    • Video Networking
    • Employer “AMA”
    • Employer Virtual Office Tour
  • Allow Employers to Request Events
  • Record the content to create a valuable takeaway for attendees to reference at any time
    Allow students to “raise their hands” by having someone monitor the comments for questions


Going virtual with OCIs & Interviews

  • Update your “OCI” Registration to allow employers to choose between
    “Virtual, In Person, Phone” Interviews
  • If the employer selects “Virtual” add a follow-up field: “Please provide your virtual conferencing URL”
  • Use the “Room Function” to add a “Virtual Room” option and the “Room Note” to provide students with the Video Conferencing URL


Engage Students with Customized Employer Profiles

Incorporating custom attributes will help students do their research in advance. Some suggestions for relevant attributes include:

  • Hires Remote/Tele-Workers
  • Sponsors International Students
  • Actively recruits from our school (Y/N)
  • Happy to connect with students
  • Minority-owned business
  • Women-owned business
  • Offers Diversity Fellowship
  • Significant social corporate responsibility contributions
  • Social media presence (Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter)


Remote Recruiting through Candidate Search

Candidate Search is a tool leveraged by both Career Center admin users and employer users to review application materials and relevant student information.

  • Students have to opt-in
    • Reach out with reminders via emails to student groups
  • Using filters, employer users can look for students from specific programs, specific graduating classes, even those who speak specific languages
    • Make sure your students are searchable
      • Admin site settings need to be configured for each class you want employers to find
  • To be visible to employers, students need to have a resume in their application materials as well as opt-in to sharing their resume
    • Check your exclusion settings to confirm relevant candidates are searchable
    • Ensure you've approved your students' resumes by checking your notifications


Take Resume Books Virtual with Video Links

Resume books are a useful tool to engage students in providing their resumes for specific industries and employers. 12Twenty makes it easy to configure your current processes into a creative digital strategy to showcase video books, portfolios, published work & more.

  • Students can upload digital content into the “Application Materials” area of their profile using the “URL” section
    • Link to Portfolio
    • 30-second video elevator pitch
    • Published Blogs/Articles


Networking with Alumni

Your alumni in the workforce will be invaluable resources for students beginning their job searches. Create opportunities for current and former students to connect in 12Twenty and beyond.

  • Opt-In Enrollment
  • Mentorship Flagging
  • Dynamic Search & Filtering
    • Allow alumni or students to be able to identify and reach out to one another based on employment & demographic data
    • Respects Custom Fields
  • Direct Messaging
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