Deactivating Career Center Users

Admins can archive/deactivate career center users who are no longer part of their administrative team to avoid deleting data and preserve historical records.
  1. Before you begin, first run a search in the Student & Alumni Directory to confirm all students have been reassigned to another advisor (or unassigned entirely, if they are alumni). You will not be able to archive an advisor user if they are assigned to students.
  2. To archive admins, navigate to Site Management Manage Users Career Center Users, then edit each user you need to archive by clicking on the three-dot ellipsis button to the right of their account information.

  3. Make sure to also select No for Can assign to appointments and Is assignable advisor to ensure the users' names will not appear for appointment booking moving forward. This action will also maintain any historical data connected to these administrative accounts.

  4. Return to the Manage Administrators page and toggle "Show Inactive Users" to "On"
Please Note: 12twenty strongly recommends the archival process. Please avoid deleting Career Center Users.
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