Employer User: Changing your Email via Account Settings

Employer users can use this article to learn how to change their email via Account Settings. This action cannot be completed by impersonating an Employer User's account as a 12T University Admin and requires email verification.

To update your email as an Employer user on a specific site instance (University platform, Career Center site) or via the Employer Portal, employer.12twenty.com, you begin by accessing your Account Settings.

  1. After signing in, navigate to the lower lefthand corner of the platform and click on your name 

  2. Click on "Account Settings" to redirect your view to the Account Settings page

  3. Select "Edit" next to Account Info to open the modal that will allow you to edit your email and any other information you wish to update

  4. Delete your existing email, and note that the "Save Changes" button becomes unavailable. Enter your updated email, and your password to enable the "Save Changes" button. This will prompt an email verification window to appear.

  5. Once you have plugged the code into the Email Address Verification window, you will receive a notification that your changes have been saved, and you will be redirected to your updated Account Settings.

Pro-tip: It can take up to 10 minutes to receive the initial email verification code email - keep in mind this verification will go to the updated email address you entered. If you have not received the code email within 10 minutes, check your spam folder, then request a new code. These codes are good for 1 hour.

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