Survey on Login for Attributes

New for 2021 is the ability for admins to survey students and alumni on login. Surveys can be configured to be shown “Once” or on a “Reoccurring” basis (every X number of days), and can be further segmented by "Student Group."


Before we dive in, let's take a look at some example use cases...


Use Case #1 - Surveying "Once"

Rebecca Smith, Director of the Career Center, is also a member of the Diversity Council on campus. During a recent council meeting, the topic of equitable pay across ethnicities was discussed, and a variety of ideas were raised on how the career center could help ensure that all students, regardless of ethnicity, receive equal pay. During the meeting, Rebecca explored the career center's outcome data via the "Outcomes by Attribute" custom report. Rebecca quickly realized that while she was able to segment the data by Gender or Work Authorization, she was unable to see compensation data by "Ethnicity." Rebecca immediately navigated to Site Management and enabled the "Ethnicity" attribute that had been previously disabled. Rebecca then navigated to the "Survey on Login" configuration section of the platform and created a new configuration to ask all students and alumni to fill in their "Ethnicity" once upon logging in. A few days later, Rebecca had collected enough responses from students and alumni to begin reporting on compensation by "Ethnicity."

Use Case #2 - Reoccurring

Tyler Roberts is a member of the Career Center's advising team. Before Tyler starts an advising appointment, he quickly reviews the student's profile to make sure he is up to date on all of the student's recent activities. Of particular interest to Tyler is the student "Preferences" section, which helps him understand the various industries, job functions and locations a student is interested in. More often than not, the preferences section is not updated as frequently as Tyler would like; so, during the advising appointment, he asks the student whether or not their preferences are still current, and updates them accordingly. With Survey on Login, Tyler no longer needs to spend time updating a students' preferences, or wondering if they are current. Instead, Tyler created a "Survey on Login Configuration" that asks current students to update their preferred Industry and Job Function every 4 months. He also created a 2nd configuration to ask alumni to update their preferences every year.


Now that we've seen some examples, let's take a look at the new "Students & Alumni" section in "Site Management." This new section contains all of the attributes and picklists associated with student and alumni profiles (the Attributes and Picklists tabs for students and alumni were previously located in the "General" section), in addition to a new "Login" tab, where you can configure "Survey on Login."


Configuring Survey on Login


1. Navigate to Site Management - Site Settings - "Students & Alumni" - "Login" tab. Select "+ New" to create a new "Survey on Login" configuration.

A "Configuration" houses a set of criteria which determines the "Who" (student group), "What" (attributes) and "When" (interval) for surveying students and alumni on login.




2. Within the "Add Configuration" pop up, make the following selections based on your preferences.

  • Interval
    • Once - Asks the user to complete the attribute(s) once, the next time they login.
    • Reoccurring - Presents the user with the selected attributes on a reoccurring basis every X number of days after their last response. When selecting this option, users will be shown the survey the very next time they login.
  • Target Student Groups (Optional) - Determines which student groups are eligible for the survey.
  • Attributes - Determines which attributes users are presented with.
  • "Do not ask if a value exists" - Use this setting to hide an attribute if the student or alumni user already has data populated for the attribute(s) specified. If you are surveying for multiple attributes, and the user has data for one attribute, but not the other, only the attribute(s) that are missing data will be shown.



3. Click "Save." Your configuration will be saved and eligible users will begin interacting with the configuration right away.


Student/alumni view of the "Survey on Login" experience


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I test "Survey on Login" to see what a particular student or alumni user will see when logging in?

A: There are two ways to see what a student or alumni user will see upon logging in, with regards to "Survey on Login." The quickest way is to use the "Student Group" filter on the upper right corner of the settings page to filter for all configurations that will be shown to a particular student group. We recommend starting here because there may be a variety of configurations with different intervals (e.g., Once, every 30 days, every 365 days), so using this method ensures that you see all configurations regardless of timing.


The 2nd method is to "log in as" the student or alumni user, which will bring you to the "Survey on Login" experience for that particular user. Please note that using the "log in as" feature shows the identical experience that the user would have seen if they logged in themselves, so you may or may not see all of the questions being asked depending on the "interval" configurations.


Q: What happens if I do not select a student group when creating a new configuration? Which users will see these attributes on login?

A: If a configuration does not have an associated student group, the survey will be shown to all students and alumni regardless of their assigned student groups. In other words, selecting no student group results in the configuration applying to all student and alumni users.


Q: When creating a new configuration, I don't see a particular attribute in the "Attribute"list drop-down, why is this?

A: An attribute must be visible to at least one of the selected student group in order for it to appear, otherwise it will not show in the attribute list. For example, if your newly created configuration has the "1st Year" and "2nd Year" student groups selected, and the attribute in question is only visible to the "3rd Year" student group, the attribute will not show as an available attribute. Additionally, any attribute that is disabled or non-editable will also be hidden from the list.


Q: How are "Parent/Child" attributes handled?

A: "Child" attributes are not shown in the list of available attributes, only "Parent" attributes. "Child" attributes are automatically shown alongside parent attribute during "survey on login" experience.


Q: What happens if I add a new attribute to an existing configuration that has already collected responses? In other words, let's say that I created a configuration a few months back that asked for "Cell Phone Number" with the interval of "Once." If I add a 2nd attribute, e.g., "Address," how will the system handle this?

A: When an attribute is added to an existing configuration that has already collected responses, the configuration is essentially considered "new." This means that all targeted students will see the configuration again, once, and will be asked to complete all pieces of information, specifically the "Cell Phone Number" field and the "Address" field (unless, of course, you select "Do not ask if a value exists," users will not be asked for any questions that already have data).


Q: Is there any place that I can go to see the specific list of users that completed the fields for a particular configuration?

A: While there isn't a "button," per se, to see this information, the "Student" custom report is the best place to view lists of students with the fields asked for "on login." Simply create a new "Student" custom report, add any applicable "Student Group" filters, and add the columns. The majority of the filters include an option to filter whether or not a particular value "is empty," as shown in the example below



Additionally, the Student Audit Log specifically calls out which updates were made as a result of "Survey on Login"



Q: What happens if I am also surveying for outcomes on login? How does the new "Survey on Login" for attributes feature work in conjunction with the "Outcome" survey on login feature?

A: The attribute "Survey on Login" screen will be shown first, followed by outcomes.


Q: What do new users see if they are signing up to the platform for the first time, and both "Survey on Login" for attributes and outcomes is enabled?

A: Users will first see the classic "Sign Up Page 2" experience, followed by attribute survey on login (the feature described in this article), and finally outcome survey on login.


Q: What will students see if they are associated to multiple student groups, and multiple "Survey on Login" configurations exist with these student groups? In other words, lets say a student is associated to the "1st Year" and "2nd Year" student groups, and I create one "Survey on Login" configuration that applies to the "1st Year" student group, and a separate configuration that applies to the "2nd Year" student group. What will the student see when they login and both configurations apply?

A: All attributes will be combined into a single "Survey on Login" page. The student will not be navigated through a unique page for each configuration, rather they will simply see a single page after authenticating that contains a combination of all of the attributes across all applicable configurations.


Q: What happens if a student is not assigned to any student groups? Will they ever come across the "Survey on Login" experience?

A: Yes, but only if a configuration exists that is not associated with any student groups.


Q: What happens if I change the visibility of a custom attribute after it has already been added to a "Survey on Login" configuration, and the visibility of the attribute conflicts with the targeted student group? For example, let's say I initially created a "Survey on Login" configuration that targets the "1st Year" student group, and the attribute I included was only visible to the "1st Year" student group at the time, but at a later date, I change the attributes' visibility to only show to the "2nd Year" student group?

A: The "Survey on Login" experience checks for attribute visibility "on the fly" and will not show attributes that are not visible to the current user. So, using the example above, if a student that is associated to the "1st Year" student group logs in, the platform will see the "Survey on Login" configuration that applies to the "1st Year" student group, but before showing the experience, will confirm that the attribute is visible to the current user, and if there are no visible attributes, skips the experience all together.








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