University Admins - Creating a Student User via Manage Users

Before students can access your Career Center platform, you must create them in the Manage Users section of your site. Use this article to learn how to create new students via Manage Users.

Each term, as you onboard new students onto your site instance, you will need to create each student account in order for students to access the platform. This can be accomplished via API, via Bulk Student Upload, or via the Manage Users page.

1) To add a new student via the Manage Users page, navigate to Site Settings in your lefthand navigation, and select "Manage Users."

[alt text: the screenshot above shows where to find "Manage Users" in lefthand navigation, and the "+Add New Student button in the top right corner of the "Manage Users" page]



2) Next, select "+Add New Student" and fill out the fields. If you skip a required field (denoted by an asterisk*), you will be unable to save the new student. You will receive a confirmation message when you add the student successfully.

  • The email you enter must be the same email the student uses to sign up for the platform
  • "User Role" governs the student's ability to use aspects of the site
  • "Student Group" governs permissions and visibility for modules of the site


[alt text: the screenshot above shows the "Student Account Information" modal you must complete to add a new student]


3) Once you have added your new student, they will appear in the "Manage Users" page and you will be able to search for them throughout the platform. 

  • The new student will be able to log in to your platform using the email address you entered in Step 2 and set their own password


[alt text: the screenshot above shows the new student in the "Manage Users" page and highlights the last login date, which will not populate until the student logs on to the platform for the first time]


Pro tip: The required fields for creating a new student user via Manage Users are the same required fields for adding new student users via the Bulk Student Upload tool.








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