Employer Decision Period

An OCI Round's Employer Decision Period or OCI Period that includes "Allow employers to decide on interview decisions." This OCI Period permits Employer Users (Recruiters) to Extend Interview, Reject, or select a Student as an Alternate. If OCI Settings do not permit an Employer User to view applications before the application deadline, the Employer User will be able to view the applicants.

Releasing Employer Decisions to Students and Alumni is a two-step process that requires the Career Center to notify Applicants.


  1. Submitting Interview Decisions
  2. Frequently Asked Questions


Submitting Interview Decisions

  1. Once an OCI Period that allows Employers to make decision is active, Employer Users will be able to Invite ("Extend Interviews"), Reject ("Not Selected"), or set an Alternate ("Alternate").

  2. To make a selection, choose the Pencil Icon, choose a value, and Save.
    • This can be done on a student-by-student basis or in bulk. To make a selection in bulk, select the Applicants that fall into the same category, the three-dot action button, and make a selection.

  3. Employers selecting Alternates will need to select the position of the Alternate. Alternates are promoted to an "Extended Interview" status when an already invited Student Declines or Withdraws their application.

  4. When the employer is done making their decisions, they select the Confirm button to finalize their decisions. Confirming a selection locks the Applicant tab for Employers. Once confirmed, only Career Center Users can make changes to the Interview Decision.

    • Employer Confirm notification
    • Career Center User Confirm notification

  5. Career Center Users must release the Employer's Decision to students via the Notify button. Selecting and confirming the selection for Notify cannot be undone or reversed. 

  6. Once notification is complete, yellow Pending Decision tags will appear. Students who are categorized as Extended Interview will be able to Accept or Decline their interview offers once an OCI Period that "Allow students to accept interview offers" is active.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Employer would like to change their decisions after selecting "Confirm." How can that be done?
Only Career Center Users can change the "Interview Status" of an Applicant after the Employer "Confirm" step has been completed. Please have the Employer provide you with the students needing a change and their new "Interview Status." If Applicants have already been notified of the Employer's Decision via the "Notify" button, the "Interview Status" can no longer be changed.

Can additional Applicants be added after other Applicants had already been notified? 
Yes; however, they cannot be added via the Applicants tab. Instead, they can only be added to the Schedule.


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