Employer Decision Period

Employer Decision Period

If in the OCI Settings you did not permit Employers to see applications before the application deadline, it is during the Employer Decision Period where employers can first view student’s application materials. If in the OCI Settings you do allow employers to see applications before the deadline, both employers and admins can see the students who’ve applied as soon as they’ve submitted their application materials in the Applicants Tab

  1. To view a student’s resume, your employer clicks on the name of the Resume in the Application column.

  2. To extend an interview, reject or select an applicant as an alternate, your employer begins by selecting the pencil icon to the right of the Pending bubble in the Interview Decision column during the Employer's Decision Period. Then your employer simply selects their decision from the drop down menu in the Manage Interview Decision window. This can be done on a student-by-student basis, or by selecting multiple students, and using the Action button to extend/reject interviews for selected students. The employer may also select the Action button to choose the same interview decision for all applicants.

  3. If your employer wants to have multiple alternates, they will assign rankings for alternates and 12Twenty will automatically register the alternates in order of stated preference.

  4. When the employer is done making their decisions, they select the Confirm button to finalize their decisions.

  5. Only an administrator can email all of the students of the employer’s decisions by selecting Notify. You can email students individually by clicking on the three dots to the far right of the applicant. You may also notify all students within a round of their interview decisions via your OCI Management.
    You, as the Admin, can always modify or update the employer’s decision in step 3 by clicking on the pencil next to one of the employer’s interview decisions. For example - if an employer selects a student as an alternate, you can change that decision to Extend Interview.

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