University Admins: How do I download event document packets?

This article is intended for use by University Admins and explains how to download document packets for events where resumes and/or additional documents have been submitted.


  1. Select the specific event from which you want to download resumes and/or application documents, then select the Registered Students tab.
  2. Click the ellipsis button, followed by the "Download All Document Packets" option.


To ensure the document packet includes student documents, be sure to configure the event to request or require the specific documents you need students to submit with their registration. To do so, edit the event to set the required documents under the "Registration Documents(s)" section.


Please note that if you have forgotten to add required Registration Documents for an event, and students have already registered, checking the “Is Required” box now will not prompt the students that have already registered to upload the required document(s). We recommend emailing the registered students to request they update their registration to include the document(s). To learn how to email the registered students of an event click here.




Do Document Packets include URLs uploaded by students as part of their documentation?
No, only documents that are files are included in a downloaded Document Packet. Registration or Application Materials that are a URL will not be included and must be accessed directly through 12twenty. For example, a URL for an online portfolio added by a student to their registration will not be included in the downloaded Document Packet -- the employer must navigate to their job posting via your /hire URL in order to view and open the URL added by the student. 


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