Payments Site Settings

This article outlines the site settings admins can configure for Payments. To navigate to the Payments site settings page, use the gear icon to select Site Settings and choose Payments on the left-hand side.


  1. Payments Contact
  2. Stripe Account
  3. Notification Messages
  4. Notifications Tab
  5. FAQ


Payments Contact

The Payment Contact’s information will appear on all invoices, and users will be directed to them regarding payment questions.



Stripe Account

Select Connect Stripe Account to link a Stripe account to your 12Twenty platform. For more information on Stripe integration with 12Twenty, click here. If "Stripe Account" is missing, please reach out to the 12twenty support team.



Notification Messages

This section is used to customize the notification messages that appear on all order details and invoices. Craft your invoice messaging here, and select Save Changes


Notifications Tab

Users can control the notifications that go out to employers when their order is in the Paid, Unpaid, or Refunded status.

To edit a notification:

  1. Select the title of the notification
  2. Select the ellipsis, then select Edit

  3. Make your desired changes and select Save



Can we enable payments for other event types, such as employer info sessions or meet and greets?
Payments are currently available for OCIs and Career Fairs only, not for other types of Events. 


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