University Admins - Unpaid Orders

On an unpaid order, admins may use the top right Action button to accomplish the following:

  1. Add Cost Adjustment: You can add an additional fee or a discount to the order. Simply select either option, enter the dollar amount, and select OK

  1. Record a Payment: After receiving a payment from the employer, select Record a Payment. Fill out the Form of payment, the Payment Received Date any optional notes, and select Submit. Once submitted, the order will now be marked as Paid, and the employer will receive an email notifying them of the payment. The order will be moved to the Paid tab on the Order History page.


  1. Send Invoice: An invoice is automatically sent when an admin user approves an employer’s registration. If you would like to send an additional invoice, select Send Invoice and confirm this action by selecting OK.

  2. Download Order DetailsDownload a PDF file of the invoice.

  3. View Audit Log: The Audit Log is a useful tool that will show a brief summary of actions taken on an order. It includes a timestamp of each edit to the order, the name of the user that made the edit, and a brief summary of what action that user made. Please note that the Audit Log is in beta, and not all details may be captured here.



I added a cost adjustment and now I need to remove it from the invoice - how do I do that?

As long as the invoice has not yet been sent, you can remove a cost adjustment by clicking the X icon that appears to the left of the line item.

I sent an invoice, but I need to remove a cost adjustment. What should I do next?

The original cost adjustment line item cannot be removed now that the invoice has been sent - however - you can offset it by adding an additional cost adjustment from the action menu.

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