University Admins: Virtual Job Fairs

Setting Up A Virtual Job Fair

Creating a virtual job fair is easy- simply set the "Event Format" drop down to "Virtual"

What Happens Once A Job Fair Is "Virtual?"

Once a job fair is setup as a virtual job fair, each employer registration will have its own virtual meeting URL, where either the employer or admin can add their virtual meeting URL.

How Does An Employer Add A Virtual Meeting URL?

Employers can easily add a virtual meeting URL for their registration either upon registration, or at a later date.

When an employer registers for a job fair, they will see the virtual meeting URL notification bar after submitting their registration:

How Will I Know If An Employer Is Missing A Virtual Meeting URL?

If one or more employers are missing virtual meeting URLs, a red badge entitled "Virtual Meeting URL Missing" will appear below the job fair information header. Additionally, a red alert icon will appear next to employers that are missing a virtual meeting URL.

Admins can also easily notify employers by selecting the check box, and then selecting the "Email" option in the "Registered Employers" ellipse menu:

What Do Students See?

On the day of the career fair (or each day of a multi-day career fair), the virtual meeting URL for each employer will be made available to students, where they can select it to join into the conference with the employer.


Q: How can we set up a time slot style job fair?

A: The concept of "time slot" events and "job fair" events are separate from each other and cannot be combined at this time. The types refer to the way your events are mapped - the "time slot" and "job fair" mappings function independently from one another.

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