Candidate Search Site Settings

This article outlines the site settings admins can configure for the Candidate Search module. To navigate to the candidate search site settings page, select Site Settings and choose Candidate Search under Career Services Management.

Students who upload a Resume to their profile are immediately included in Candidate Search; however, Students and Alumni may opt out of Candidate Search at any time via their Account Settings.


Candidate Search Settings

Employers granted access to the Candidate Search module are able to access the resumes for the selected graduating class between the Active Date and the Expiration Date configured under Candidate Search Settings.

To set the Active and Expiration Date:

  1. Select edit to the right of a graduating class

  2. On the new window that appears enter the Active and Expiration date and select "Save"


Please Note: In order for resumes for the selected graduating class to be visible to employers, you must include an expiration date when editing, or the resumes for that graduating class will not appear. 


Exclusion Settings

Exclusion settings will dictate which students will be searchable in Candidate Search depending on their reported outcomes. Check the box to the right of an option to exclude students who meet the corresponding criteria from Candidate Search results.

Please Note: Exclusionary settings apply to current students only and do not apply to Alumni. 


Post-Graduation Exclusion Settings: The post-grad exclusion settings will exclude students when the Job Phase = Post Grad filter is applied on the Candidate Search module page.




Internship Exclusion Settings: The internship exclusion settings will exclude students when the Job Phase = Internship filter is applied on the Candidate Search module page. 



  • Pro Tip: You may also elect to allow students to opt out of Candidate Search by having your platform's settings adjusted. Speak to your Account Manager to enable this feature. 



Your platform can support auto-approval for Candidate Search requests for Employers who have a Premium 12twenty for Employers subscription. If you would like this to be enabled for your platform or it is currently enabled and you would like it disabled, please reach out to 12twenty Support.


Looking for how to manage which students can upload resumes? Please see the Student User Roles article to learn more. 

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