Admin Actions - Candidate Search

Multiple Students Admin Actions: On the Candidate Search page admins can use the Action button to accomplish the following:

Download Selected Resume(s) to PDF: This feature takes the selected students resumes and complies them into one PDF file that is downloaded onto your computer. To use this feature, simply select “Download Selected Resume(s) to PDF” from the Action button.

Export Selected Students to Excel: To export selected students to an Excel file, simply select the students manually and then select the “Export Selected Students to Excel” from the Action button.

Export All Students to Excel: To export all students to an Excel file, simply check the box to the left of “Student” to include all students and then select the “Export All Students to Excel” from the Action button.

Single Student Admin Actions: Admins may use the ellipsis icon next to each student on the Candidate Search results page to accomplish the following:

View Resume: This option will open the students resume in a new window. To view the resume that the student uploaded, select View Resume after selecting the ellipsis icon. 

Download Resume: This will download the PDF file resume the student uploaded. To download the resume, select Download Resume after selecting the ellipsis icon.

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