How to reschedule an appointment

This article will highlight how an admin user can reschedule an appointment.

Admin users are able to drag and drop a single appointment or an appointment within a block throughout the calendar to reschedule the appointment.

To reschedule an appointment:

  1. Select the appointment.

  2. Hold and drag it to a new time and/or date.

  3. Once the block is in the correct space, release your mouse.

  4.  A pop up window will appear for you to confirm the rescheduled date and time.

  1. Select “OK” to confirm the rescheduled appointment.

  1. The "Appointment Scheduled (to Student)" email notification will be sent to the student.

Note:  When moving an appointment associated with an appointment block to a time outside of the original block, the appointment will exist separately from the block and the previous appointment time will become available once more.

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