How to add a new task

To add a task on the Tasks module page, select "New Task" at the top of the Tasks module page.


Fill in the task information. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. 


  • Subject: Enter the subject of the task.

  • Assignee: Users can select to assign the task to another career center user.

  • Visibility: Visibility settings can be set as “Myself Only” or “ Myself and other career advisors”.

  • Outreach Type: Select the medium in which the task is to be completed (email, call, on-campus meeting, etc.)

  • Due Date: Enter the due date of the task.

  • Status: Enter the status of the task. Status options are “Open” and “Complete”.

  • Campaign: Tag the task to a campaign. To learn more about campaigns, click here.

  • Description: A task description may be added in this field.

  • Comments: Further details about the task may be included in this field.

  • Task Contact: This is the contact on your platform the task is directed toward. Choose from contacts included in your Contact Directory.


 To learn how to add a task directly from a contact’s profile page, click here.


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